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What is the YandexART? detailed ai image generation


In October 2023, Yandex released the YandexART neural network, available to everyone in the Masterpiece application. We tell you more about it.

What is the YandexART AI

YandexART is a neural network from Yandex that can generate detailed and realistic images and animations based on a user’s text request.

The neural network operates on the basis of the cascade diffusion method. That is, during training, noise is added to the image, and the model must restore it. The training sample included 330 million “specially selected beautiful pictures with text descriptions”. According to the developers, the neural network can also create images that have never been seen before.

Features of the YandexART neural network

The neural network creates static and animated images, and they are more realistic and detailed than the previous models of Yandex neural networks that generate images.

However, the neural network still generates images only in a square format of 256×256 pixels.

How to use YandexART

You can use YandexART in the Masterpiece mobile application. In the application:

  • click on the “+” sign in the upper right corner;
  • select the “Image” button;
  • write a request for an image. The request should be as accurate and detailed as possible;
  • click “Generate”, the generation will take some time, usually no more than a minute;
  • the neural network will offer four images to choose from;
  • choose what you like and click “Publish”;
  • if you don’t like any of the suggested results, click on the text, refine the query and click Generate again;
  • after the publication, the picture will appear in the application feed;
  • you can save it to the gallery on your smartphone, and then delete it by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of the post.

Examples of using YandexART

dragon against the sky


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