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ScanSolve: AI Homework Helper ( Features, Pricing, Alternative )


ScanSolve is AI Homework Helper, problem with one click! Our innovative app allows you to take a picture of any question, from challenging puzzles to challenging quizzes, and instantly get the right answer.

What is ScanSolve?

ScanSolve APP is AI Homework Helper, Using Artificial Intelligence technology that allows you to scan a question and get the answer instantly, accurate answers to everything from complex puzzles and quizzes. Our app will also provide explanations for each solution so you can fully understand the issues involved.

Features of ScanSolve


With ScanSolve in your web browser, you have all the study guides at your fingertips to complete your homework and assignments more efficiently.

Wide Subject Coverage

This AI-powered platform provides access to comprehensive educational material covering different genres and subjects like History, Business, Biology, Math, and so on.

ScanSolve Pricing

  • Premium Weekly Subscription $7.99
  • Premium Monthly Subscription $14.99
  • Premium Yearly Subscription $49.99
  • Premium Lifetime Purchase $149.99

ScanSolve Alternative

  • HomeWorkify: AI Homework Helper tool, Scan and Solve homework with AI and Chat with AI, help students study smarter at no cost. It allows users to enter a direct link to a question and get an answer instantly.
  • Answer AI: AI Homework Help Tool, Can recognize any problem from text and request a solution based on artificial intelligence.

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