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Opus pro clip AI Review – Create Viral shorts from video

Opus pro

With only one click, you can use the Opus.pro Clip AI video editor to produce ten popular YouTube shorts from a long video. Your productivity will increase tenfold with the help of this AI tool.

What is Opus pro?

A vital tool for content producers looking to stay ahead of the curve is Opus Clip. Opus Clip creates excellent short videos with only one click that are ideal for TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts. Never before has making a viral video been so simple! Opus Clip uses big data to evaluate your video footage and provide a thorough understanding of it so that you can make decisions based on facts. With the help of this program, you can easily repurpose your current videos and produce shorts without adding any additional work. With the use of features like auto resizing, auto transition, auto caption, filler word removal, and customizable brand kits, artists may easily create visually appealing and on-brand short movies. The cutting-edge templates offered by Opus Clip make it simple and quick to ai video tool of high quality. Growing and uploading on a regular basis has never been easier than with Opus Clip!

Opus Clip Pricing

Starting at $19/month for a limit of 200 minutes of upload credits per month.

Opus Clip Advantages and Cons


  • designed to work with various desktop and mobile browsers
  • converts lengthy films into shorter ones
  • Simple-to-use features


  • fewer sophisticated subtitle animations
  • Not suitable for gaming, music videos, or vlogs

How to use Opus Clip AI

Step 1: Opus.pro Clip Sign up:
First, create a free account by going to opus.pro. Opus Clip AI also allows you to register using a Google account.

Opus pro sign up

Step 2: Upload a Local File or Drop a YouTube Link
Now let’s get started with the magic! Opus Clip is an easy-to-use interface that prioritizes simplicity as soon as you launch it.

Opus clip AI

Step 3: Use AI Copilot to customize
Here’s where the real fun starts. The AI copilot for Opus Clip is available to help you craft flawless clips.

opus pro clip

Step 4: Create Clips with the Most Impact
Alright, it’s exciting that you’re creating these videos with the intention of going viral!

pous pro

Step 5: Edit It to Make It Your Own
Opus Clip is all about giving you total freedom, therefore feel free to change the look and captions of your shorts.

opus pro ai

Step 6: Invigorate Your Brand
Let’s now discuss brand power. Opus Clip is aware that every artist has a distinct style of their own.

Step 7: Selecting a Layout for Visual Brilliance
Opus Clip understands that you want your clips to have a striking aesthetic. They provide layout options that correspond with your goals because of this.

opus pro

Step 8: Gathering and Preserving
Now that everything is ready, let’s go on to the last phase. As you save and combine your footage, you’ll be amazed to see how it comes to life.

opus pro layout settings

Step 9: Get the viral shorts Opus Clip here.
The trip really starts to take off at this point. Look at your masterwork!

opus pro video download

Every clip is a little masterpiece, full of the spirit of your original film.

Opus.pro is a highly helpful AI technology that can produce 10 viral clips from a single long video at a 10x faster rate. Your long-form videos will grow faster and receive more attention if you cut them into clips and share them frequently on social media.

Try Opus Clip and see your content’s potential unlocked like never before. Recall that the goal here isn’t simply to watch movies; it’s also to start dialogues, establish relationships, and leave your mark on the digital world.

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