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Facehub AI Review – Video FaceSwap

Facehub AI

Facehub is a Video Face Swap changes ai tool, the user’s target face, but this time in a video of their choice with that of models, existing celebs, or even other images that you provide. The application can AI accurately and efficiently edit the original source image into a product which leaves no traces of its activity on it whatsoever.

Facehub is very much used by many users in AI Video Generator tool, let’s take a look at his features, price, & usage.

What is Facehub?

FaceHub is not limited to just sharing images. It also boasts an incredible face changer feature that allows you to change your appearance at the touch of a button. This feature is available in two forms — face replacement in an image or face replacement in a video — offering users the flexibility to choose what suits them best. However, this feature is not completely free.

FaceHub operates on a credit system where. For example, if you want to change your face, you need to pay for it using your credit. But don’t worry. You can either pay for them or use the app’s artificial intelligence technology, which provides more accurate results than its competitors. Thanks to advanced artificial intelligence technology, FaceHub guarantees the best result.

Facehub Pricing

You may buy 10 credits at 5.99USD. (with a daily package)
You may also purchase 20 credits at 9.99USD. (with a weekly package)
Similarly, you pay 49.99USD for 150 credits and 79.99USD for 300 credits. (with a daily package)
Lastly, you may buy 150 credits at 39.99USD and 350 credits at 69.99USD. (with a weekly package)

Facehub Features and Benefits

Facehub is an app that makes it easy to edit and beautify your videos and pictures. Whether you want to improve the clarity of your videos or enhance your pictures, Facehub can do it for you.

  • Video Optimisation: Facehub can improve blurry or poor quality videos to make your videos clearer, smoother and more vivid.
  • Swap faces: Ability to swap a face of your choice with the one in the video.
  • Picture Enhancement: Facehub can adjust the colour, contrast, brightness and other parameters of your pictures to make your pictures more beautiful, natural and elegant.
  • Video Stabilisation: Facehub can stabilise the speed of your videos to avoid lagging, shaking, frame skipping and other problems, making your videos smoother, more coherent and more comfortable.
  • Media Library: Facehub provides an excellent media library, so you can find all the videos and images you’ve uploaded in one place, which is easy for you to manage and browse.
  • Simple interface: Facehub has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to get started quickly and enjoy editing and beautifying videos and pictures without complicated operations.

How to Use Facehub?

Create a Face Swap Online in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Upload an original Video/Image
  2. Choose/Upload your Face
  3. Click ‘FaceSwap’

Facehub Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the top alternatives for FaceHub Video FaceSwap?

Promo.com, VEED, Animaker, Moovly, Switcher Studio

Q: Why Facehub.live Server 500 error?

Please wait for the site to be restored, or revisit

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